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6 Festive Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July

Christmas may be a few months away, but something about celebrating it in July adds thrills and chills. After all, who wouldn’t want to have any excuse to celebrate such a festive occasion?

Christmasing can be traced back when Brits brought the idea that Christmas is a white holiday—a festive season during winters. Whilst the weather in Australia in December is the opposite of cold, the idea of some celebrating it in July is just perfect for those who crave for Christmas carols, gift-giving, decorating and doing all the fancy stuff related to Yuletide!

To pump you up, here are Christmas in July ideas that you can try out in Australia.

How to Celebrate Christmas in July

  • Set up Some Lights
  • Just because the neighbourhood doesn’t have any fancy Christmas decorations doesn’t mean that you can’t use holiday lights to spruce up your space. You can still make it look festive by setting up lights around your outdoor posts. You can also get a few Christmas in July church ideas for some inspiration.

  • Use Tiny Christmas Trees as Centrepieces
  • Using tiny Christmas tree décors as centrepieces is also an easy yet creative way to decorate your space. It will look even better if you add brightly coloured lights to make it appear more festive. A few Christmas in July ideas in Australia is to use pine cones to decorate your table or even candles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  • Do Some Christmas Carolling
  • Start warming up your vocals and rehearse with the people around you. Then, you can start serenading your neighbours with a few of your favourite Christmas songs. Just make sure that you stay on the safe side of the street and always drink warm water to protect your throat.

  • Do Some Exchange Gifts
  • Invite your friends to come over and host a little party enticed with your gift swapping. To make it more lively and exciting, create a theme as part of Christmas in July gift ideas that fit the season.

  • Start Setting Up a Non-traditional Christmas Tree
  • Instead of using a traditional pine tree, why not use a fake tree and decorate it to fit the occasion. Anytime of the year, there are tons of Christmas tree types that fit for the season. You can get Christmas décor and ornaments from Merry & Bright before wrapping the tree with lights.

  • Think Outside the Box When It Comes to Your Menu
  • Apart from décors, you can also get creative in your July Menu. For instance, instead of serving only grilled turkey alone, you can consider one of the best Christmas in July ideas in Australia, which is to pair it with Panzanella salad or even strawberry daiquiris and margaritas for the drinks. How about that?

    Let’s Be Merry & Bright in July

    Although celebrating Christmas in July seems fun, it still doesn’t replace Christmas on December 25th. Yet, celebrating Christmas in this month offers both oddity and excitement. 

    So, why not fill your senses with Christmas spirit and start getting your Christmas décors for the occasion now?

    If you’re looking for a Christmas décor store to complete your plans, check us out at Merry & Bright. We are an all-year-round Christmas and seasonal décor store in Sydney. We offer hundreds of décor pieces, so you can choose which ones fit your overall theme. Contact us now for the best deals.
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