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Easter Gift Basket Ideas for Kids

Giving Easter gift bags in Australia has become a tradition to celebrate the end of Lent. The basket often consists of decorated eggs, chocolates, candies and toys. Children, in particular, love Easter because of the fun activities and gifts they receive.

The basket traces back to hundreds of years ago when farmers expect to transition from winter to spring and pray for a bountiful harvest. It also symbolises bounty, and the egg is a sign of new life. 

What Can I Gift My Kids for Easter?

Kids loved Easter gift boxes because they know they’ll receive all sorts of goodies. This religious holiday is something that will be part of their happy childhood, which makes giving extra effort to make a fun gift basket worth it.

What can you put in it?

  • Bunny Soft Toy
  • Aside from the usual candies and chocolate eggs, a bunny soft toy in your Easter hampers will be a delight for your young children. Its soft texture can be a great companion for cuddling and comfort. 

  • Dino Egg Dig Kit
  • Dino eggs are a fun gift to give your kids. They get to excavate using different tools and learn about the various dinosaurs through a learning card. 

  • Books
  • If you want to encourage reading with your young children, books are the perfect inclusion for your Easter basket. There are many books available such as ‘How to Catch the Easter Bunny’ or ‘Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt.’

  • Paint by Stickers
  • For children who love arts, a paint by stickers book is a wonderful addition to their art project. It is a mess-free activity where kids will fill in the Easter pictures with the appropriate stickers.

  • Sand Art Kit
  • This colourful craft kit will make kids occupied for a long time. It builds their imagination and creativity while enjoying the soft texture of the sand. It is a hands-on art activity that will encourage creative skills.

  • Pop Fidget Toys
  • The pop fidget toy is a sensory toy that comes in handy with Easter gift for toddlers 2022. Who doesn’t love popping those bubbles? Get a set of Easter fidget toys that come in different shapes and colours. Toddlers will surely love it!

  • Easter Craft Kit
  • One of the classic gifts, the Easter craft kit will keep the children busy and entertained. Let them create Easter-related art projects and allow their imagination and creativity to run free. 

    How Do You Make an Easter Basket for Kids?

    Making an Easter basket doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some easy ideas you can do:

  • Bunny Paper Bag
  • If you want something sustainable and simple, use paper bags. Cut it into a bunny ears shape, draw a bunny face and put all the goodies inside.

  • Egg Tray Basket
  • Recycle your egg tray by painting it and fill it with all the fun candies and egg chocolates. Use muffin liners on the egg slots and add fun with some decoration. 

  • Easter Box Basket
  • Reuse your cereal box or other boxes you can find at home to create Easter gift boxes. Decorate it using colourful paper or paints. Add some texture using different fabrics or craft papers and add all the goodies for the kids to enjoy. 

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