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Easter Gift Baskets and the Art of Giving in a Personalised Style

The history of Easter and the baskets filled with eggs traces back to many centuries. It symbolises a plentiful harvest and new beginnings. And the tradition of giving baskets continues today as a way to celebrate the holiday and make it endearing.

Whether you’re an adult or a child, receiving an Easter gift box brings joy to your heart.

What Are Easter Gifts?

Easter gift bags in Australia are filled with egg chocolates, candies and other goodies, and these are often given to children to enjoy. Just because this is a fun holiday for kids doesn’t mean adults cannot receive Easter baskets too.

If you are planning to send out a basket of goodies, try to be a little creative and make it personalised. 

How Do You Make Attractive Gift Baskets?

Here are some tips to making your personalised Easter hampers in Melbourne attractive and enjoyable:

  • Decide on the Theme
  • Planning will make it easier for you to create Easter gift bags. Consider the theme so you’ll know what to shop for and buy it in advance. The themes can range from toiletries, snacks, self-care or kitchen items. Look for items on sale or use coupons to get more value on your purchase. 

  • Be Creative
  • Do not hesitate to think outside the box when creating a personalised Easter hamper. You can make use of different materials aside from the typical wicker basket. Large bowls, boxes and even buckets can be wonderful alternatives.

  • Put Variety of Size and Texture
  • When picking items to include, take into consideration the colours, sizes and textures of the items to create depth and variety. You can include Easter décor to fill in an empty spot and make your Easter hampers look better.

  • Don’t Forget to Glue
  • Secure the item in your gift basket using glue, sticky tape or thread. All the items can fall or move, especially during transport, and this will ruin the gift.

  • Decorate It
  • Once you have filled all the needed items into the basket, decorate it with ribbons, wrappers or small decors. You can also wrap it like a gift hamper to make the Easter basket attractive and fun. Adding details, such as chocolate eggs and rabbits, will send a statement to a fun Easter holiday. 

    How Do You Make an Easter Basket Look Full?

    Here are a few tricks to make your Easter basket look full:

  • Consider the Base
  • One important detail when making the gift boxes look beautiful is to lift the base so that when you put the items they are raised and can be seen. That will make the basket look overflowing. To achieve this, fill the base with bubble wraps, crumpled papers or tissues before placing the items on the basket. 

  • Arrange the Height
  • Variety is important thus picking items in different sizes can create the dimension needed for a basket to look full. When putting items in the Easter hampers, pick a few tall items and mix them with small ones.

  • Use Floral Foam
  • If you have floral foam at home, cut it into the desired size and insert it in the gift basket. It will help in making the basket look full and you get to arrange the items at different heights using the foam. 

     What Do You Put in the Basket?

    There are plenty of themes and Easter ideas you can try when giving a basket of goodies. Here are some suggestions:

  • Picnic Basket
  • Put in items that are useful during a picnic like paper towels, foods, charcuterie board and drinks, and put all the items inside a beautiful picnic bag. To enhance the look of the basket, include decorative paper grass and chocolate eggs.

  • Self-Care Basket
  • This thoughtful Easter gift box will delight receivers. Nobody hates to receive healthful goodies and toiletries. Small but cherished consumable gifts like aromatherapy shower gel, soap, essential oils or scented candles, and  herbal teas, electrolyte water or coca drinks are highly valued. 

  • Outdoor Basket
  • An outdoor-themed basket is indeed a unique gift idea. Stuff in sunblock, swimming gear, thongs or beach towels. Jump rope, beach ball and Frisbee are also great additions to the fun. 

  • Earth-Friendly Basket
  • Want to go green this Easter? Then consider giving something that will help the environment. All-natural, organic sweets and candies from the local stores are great gifts because you’ll get to support local businesses too. 

    How about useful stuff for their gardening? Seeds, tools, gardening gloves or biodegradable plastics and eco bags for kitchen needs are highly useful. 

    Why Choose Personalised Easter Gift Baskets

    Personalised easter baskets are more meaningful because the receiver will feel valued. This is why many opt to personalise a gift basket when giving it to people they love. That extra touch from a basket makes Easter a memorable holiday to remember. 

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