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Fantastic Christmas in July Gift Bag Ideas

What’s better than celebrating Christmas every year? Celebrating two Christmases annually, of course! 

Christmas in July 2022 is fast approaching, and you might need suggestions on what to shop for. Let us give you some Christmas in July gift ideas to help you this year. 

What Is Christmas in July for Australia?

December is a summer month for Australia. Hence, some Australian Christmas traditions are completely opposite to America’s white Christmas. Families hit the beach, people gather for Christmas lunch and the outdoor barbecue, and Aussies feast on prawns instead of hearty roasts. 

There are similarities, too! People decorate their houses with lights and wreaths. Christmas carols fill the night and cities host their carols by candlelight services, where crowds watch performers sing carols. Christmas stockings are filled with gifts, which are unwrapped on Christmas Day.

Christmas in July ideas for Australia can include festivities and clothing only possible for winter. Christmas in July is a mid-year opportunity to celebrate and experience a traditional cold Christmas. Ideally, it falls on the 25th of the month but you can have it on any date you wish. It may be an unofficial holiday, but it’s a celebration progressing in popularity in Australia.  

Christmas in July Gift Ideas

The extra Christmas festivities can get stressful, especially when it comes to gift-giving. A Christmas in July gift can be something special for the season, such as winter clothes or a set of Christmas delicacies. 

Here’s a list of Christmas in July gift ideas for 2022:

  • Seasonal Christmas Sweater
  • Obviously, December is too hot for any winter clothing. July’s cold temperature is perfect for thicker-than-usual clothes, better if the sweater is personalised and vibrant in colour!

  • Ornate, Easter-Themed Festive Collectibles
  • Want a unique Christmas in July gift? Themed collectibles are novelty items and can be interesting gifts. Because they’re often handmade, you can ask for your gift to be customised. 

    Why Easter-themed gifts? Though Easter is in April, it’s a holiday as important and unique as Christmas in July. It symbolises hope and spring but falls in the season of autumn in Australia. 

  • Cozy Pyjama Sets
  • Winter nights can be cold, so a set of long-sleeved pyjama top and pyjama trousers is another noteworthy Christmas in July gift idea.

  • Sand-free Beach Towel
  • Something handy for beach trips! Sand-free beach towels are great gift ideas for somebody who hates sand sticking to their cotton towels and body. These towels are quick-drying and light, which makes them convenient to carry around. 

  • Winter-themed Ornaments
  • Gingerbread houses, wreaths, snowman figurines, Santa figurines and other Christmas décor collections are affordable and fun to use as display or decorative elements. Christmas in July is a special season, so why not give away novelty items? If they find joy in décor and collecting Christmas items, then this is your best bet. 

  • Toys and/or Snack Goodie Bags
  • Nobody loves Christmas gifts more than kids do. It’s a great idea to let them experience Christmas eve early in July by filling their Christmas stockings with their favourite snacks. Give them the total experience by wrapping their toys in colourful Christmas wrapping.

  • Christmas Hampers
  • For a more sophisticated yet practical Christmas ,in July gift, or simply if you have no idea what exactly to get, Christmas hampers are the guaranteed solution.

    A DIY or purchased gift hamper with a themed bundle of items is versatile and easy to prepare. You can put food, such as cookies, coffee beans, cake, nuts, crackers, champagne and chocolates. Non-food items are good as well (e.g. perfume, soap, beauty products, mugs, candles and small décor collections).

  • Electronic Devices/Gadgets
  • If you’re feeling generous, gifting gadgets and electronics can make your loved ones’ Christmas surprising and unforgettable. Gadgets will always be a cool Christmas gift—they’re practical, trendy and present on everyone’s wish lists. It can be an early December treat, a Christmas wish fulfilled in the middle of the year!

  • Gift Voucher from Their Favourite Store
  • Another practical Christmas in July gift idea! Instead of buying something that doesn’t fit them, you can treat your friends and family with gift vouchers and great deals. Letting them buy what they want isn’t a bad idea. To make up for it, you can accompany them on their shopping spree.

  • Hobby-Related/Pet-Related Gifts
  • A very thoughtful Christmas gift is getting your friend a gift that supports their personal hobbies. Art, photography, musical instruments and gardening supplies are a few examples. Perhaps a new book for a sibling who loves to read or baking tools for your mom.

    Also, some people feel happier when they receive gifts for their pets instead. Pet food, toys, litter and treats are a few gift ideas. 

    There are many great gift ideas that you can give to your loved ones to make their Christmas in July even more special. You can get them something practical, like a gift voucher or a new set of pyjamas, or something unique, like themed ornate collectibles or a hobby-related gift. Whatever you choose, they are sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gesture.

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