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Holiday Party Planning: Christmas in July

How do you throw a Christmas in July party?

Holiday party planning doesn't only have to include the usual holidays at their usual time of the year. Part of the fun of a Christmas in July party is using your imagination to get into the spirit. It is the perfect time to get started and you can have all sorts of fun dreaming up ways to make your party special.

Whether you will be hosting a large or small gathering with family and friends, take these 8 awesome ideas that will brighten up your Christmas in July.

Christmas in July Delightful Activities

1. Bake Christmas Cookies

One of the best things about Christmas in July party ideas is all of the delicious food. What would a party be without some amazing Christmas cookies? You can find recipes of all sorts of different kinds of cookies online, or you can get creative and come up with your own. 

This cold season, make sure to celebrate with a classic recipe or try your hand at making something new. You won't want any leftover cakes when the busy holiday season rolls around!

2. Decorate Your Home

A great way to get into the holiday spirit is to decorate your home with spectacular Christmas decorations. You can put up a Christmas tree, Christmas tree decorations, string lights around your windows or even put on holiday-themed Australian Christmas decorations. It's up to you how much you want to decorate, but even a few simple touches can really make your home feel Christmasy.

Are you looking for Christmas decorations that can spark joy to use this year? You can find them at Merry & Bright. From wreaths and garlands to Christmas trees and ornaments, we have them!

3. Enjoy a Movie Marathon

If there’s nothing to talk about and all activities have been exhausted, why not watch movies on Christmas eve? What a warm way to celebrate the night after a festive meal and then relax with your movie marathon! The night is long, so don’t spend it sleeping while Christmas spirit is winning. If you're looking for some good recommendations, there are plenty of lists online of the best Christmas movies out there. Even non-Christmas stories can still warm up your day.

4. Get Some Unique Crafts

Christmas in July gift ideas can open your creative nature by making original crafts. The web is a giant hub of ideas and tutorials for themed crafts. Your small creations can serve as gifts for anyone you’d love gifting. 

If you're not the DIY type, there are pre-made crafts that you can use to hang on your Christmas tree or walls and windows. Get started early and have a few fun projects ready before the holidays roll around. Check out a Christmas shop near you to see what you can get.

5. Listen to Some Heart-Warming Christmas Tunes

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without Christmas carols to touch your heart. Enhance your Christmas in July party by singing carols. You can even hold small competitions with your kids and young relatives during the Christmas July celebration. Surely, all those holiday tunes will lighten up your home and your day. Let the Christmas spirit come alive with classics and modern Christmas songs. 

6. Exchange Some Gifts

Another great way to get into the holiday spirit is to exchange gifts with your friends or family. This can be a fun activity to do at a party, and it's a great way to show your loved ones how much you care. 

Christmas in July gift ideas abound online. You can prepare early and have a few fun presents wrapped and ready to give when the holidays arrive.

7. Serve Some Drinks With a Twist

Your Christmas in July party ideas won't be complete without some Christmas-themed drinks. Try serving Christmas in a cup with a twist to get into the holiday spirit. This festive drink is made with cranberry juice, vodka and sparkling wine. 

And for an extra special touch, you can garnish it with cranberries and a sprig of rosemary. So raise a glass and enjoy—your guests are sure to love it.  

8. Add Christmas Ornaments

Another great way to get into the holiday spirit is to make your own Christmas ornaments. This can be a fun activity to do with friends or family, and it's a great way to personalise your Christmas tree decorations. You can find all sorts of tutorials online for how to make everything from traditional glass balls to more unique items like hand-painted wooden snowflakes.

If you’re not fond of making your own ornaments, you can still personalise your Christmas tree with Merry & Bright’s pre-made Christmas ornaments. Choose what you like to hang and begin designing your tree.

Complete Your Christmas in July with Merry & Bright

If you’re looking for some Christmas decorations and ideas in Australia in the middle of summer, look no further than Merry & Bright. We have everything you need to throw a festive party, even if it is technically still July! 

From ornaments to table runners, we have got your holiday decorating needs covered. So go ahead and celebrate Christmas in July—just be sure to visit Merry & Bright first!

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