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What You Need for a Great Christmas in July Party

In Australia, you can celebrate it twice! Christmas in July is a unique celebration of Christmas to relive the spirit of cold December Christmas.

It is cooler in July, so the snow feels and the silver bells seem more appropriate to honour in the middle of the year. It can be your first or second celebration of Christmas, but you can do all the Christmas niceties you want to do as opposed to how warm December feels in Australia.

With Christmas in July, Christmas can finally be celebrated with drinks by the fire and cosying up in warm winter attire. Some parts of Australia also see snow, which contributes to a holiday atmosphere.

How can you have a wonderful Christmas party in July? Check this guide and keep the fun!

Decorate Your Christmas Tree in a Traditional Way

July is really a cold month; even though it doesn’t snow, adorn your Christmas tree with reindeers and sleds.

Or you can fashion the tree with pure white Christmas balls like those mini polar ice baubles. You can also add angel and star ornaments to signify the birth of Christ, if you are a Christian believer. To complete your traditional Christmas tree, put up a white tree instead of green to feel the cold inside your home even more.

Decorate With Lights

What’s Christmas without those blinking lights? Traditionally, in many parts of the world, homes for Christmas wouldn’t be complete without light displays. Whether it is a light hanging over a snowman or around the bush and on windows and doors, whatever it is you think that’s cool for your home, you can do your Christmas light decoration.

Absolutely indoors—your tree, wreath, window panes, banister and other places, you should be putting Christmas lights to endear your home with the traditional and cold Northern feels.

Create Charming Food Centrepieces

During Christmas, your dinner table should always have the most festive scene to signify abundance. But to make it more elaborate, why not create an alpine tree-shaped charcuterie board?

With that board, put together your baked goodies, gingerbread cookies, star-shaped cheese, pretzels and slices of fruit cakes. It wouldn’t be complete without cured meats, veggies and nuts.

Serve Christmas in a Glass

Although it is colder in Australia in July, temperatures do not really reach frosty sub-zero levels. Hence, for your celebration, serve drinks that are both Christmassy and refreshing. Traditional cranberry juice mixed with fruits like pears or fruits is an excellent treat. You can also add some edible flowers for a charming and romantic look or fashion red and green colour trimmings to your drinks.

Another great option is heating up a hot chocolate drink or start learning to make a dalgona coffee and make it fancy by topping it up with marshmallows.

Sweet and Cool Treats for the Holiday

Whilst the weather outside is not pleasant to grill your traditional barbecue and prawns, why not settle indoors and delight your loved ones with sweet treats? Yes, it’s cold outside, but the feeling of Yuletide is nothing compared to when you have pies and desserts on your table.

For Australians, the big holiday meal is cold turkey or ham. But this time, make it just as hot in time for the cold dinner! Feel the smoke and the smell and lavish with your favourite desserts prepared for the night. Pavlovas, trifles and other delectable desserts are Northern cuisines adapted by the Aussies during Christmas. You can make them as one of your Christmas in July ideas.

Give July Appropriate Gifts

Gift-giving is an all-time favourite activity, even if it is not Christmas. However, gift-giving in July doubles the fun when receiving and giving gifts. Whilst it’s intuitive on what to give, make sure that your presents are July or midyear appropriate.

Invite Santa Over

Your kids will love getting a visit from Santa outside his normal December schedule. Your July Santa can provide a perfect Christmas in July photo op. Make sure your Santa complements your Christmas theme. Parents can disguise themselves as big old jolly Santa with gifts on their back. If you cannot have a live Santa for your event, you can always hang a fun Santa backdrop as a photo background for your guests or let everybody wear a Santa hat.

Christmas in July Party Games Ideas

There are a hundred and one ways to liven up your Christmas party in July by conducting mini games and surprises for kids.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Arts and crafts for children—bring prizes for those with outstanding works.
  • Guessing the secret Santa—have your chosen Santa dressed in a disguise hard to guess who. The one who discovers first receives a gift from him.
  • Christmas carols singing contest.
  • Make an anonymous exchange of gifts, then do the reveal on Christmas dinner.

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Celebrate Christmas in July. No Australian will refuse the chance to feast and gather with friends and family.

A Christmas in July celebration is a superb way to be jolly and relive the Northern Christmas spirit. Bring all your loved ones together. And to add sparkle to the most wonderful time of the year, adorn your event and Christmas party with Merry & Bright Christmas décor.

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