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Tips for a Perfect Christmas in July Celebration

July is not the common Christmas celebration known, but Australia is fond of this season because Christmas in July is a special event. Emulating the spirit of Christmas, Aussies plan early for the Yuletide in their own way.

If you’re one of those who are highly enthusiastic to dive into the season, how do you celebrate a perfect Christmas in July?

Christmas in July ideas abound. From having Christmas decorations ready to preparing gifts, try these wonderful suggestions to get you moving with your plans.


Christmas in July Gift Ideas 

Gifts in a Jar

Fill a jar with trinkets and tiny holiday niceties in a jar. Whatever you can think of you can put there. Some people use decorative mason jars filled with cookies or chocolates. Tie some ribbon on the edge and place a small greeting card.


Gift Hampers 

If you think small items aren’t enough to send your loved ones, consider giving gift hampers. Gift hampers is an excellent Christmas in July gift idea because you can fill the hamper with goodies in time for the season! Clever items can include Christmas decorations and ornaments that they can add to their Christmas tree, dining table, walls, doors and more!


Christmas in July Parties

Bake Delectable Christmas Treats

Try out some of the classic recipes or make Grandma's favourite treats. Doing so, you'll know exactly what to bake when the bustling holiday season is just around the corner. If cooking isn't really your thing or it's too cold outside for an open oven, you can try some delicious no-bake recipes instead.

Make Cut Out Sandwiches

Turkey and all the fixings are great for dinner, but if you want to be healthier or have other plans, use some of these lighter options like cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese. A turkey sandwich can also taste refreshing when made into a Fabrico-style Wiener schnitzel.

Make a Delicious Feast

Prepare a feast for your loved ones. This can be anything from a traditional roast dinner to barbecued meats and seafood. Whatever you choose, make sure it's something that everyone will enjoy!

You could even prepare some festive desserts, such as Christmas pudding or mince pies.

Serve Drinks with a Twist

Why not fill your glass with a festive combination of classic flavours and more summery fruits? If you're looking for an added touch to make this night even sweeter go ahead and add some edible flowers that will bring life back into any room during this hot season. 

On the other hand, get your guests in the mood by serving drinks from a poolside bar that is red and green. It’s perfect for your Christmas in July party.

Organise Indoor Games

Some great ideas for your Christmas in July party would be to set up some indoor games. You can do Santa Limbo, Christmas Charades, Christmas Carol Pictionary, Family Feud and many more.

It’s also nice to see everybody dress up in their favourite costume, but don’t forget the main character in Santa Claus. He or she could be the head of the family, the host of the party or anyone you liked to lead on to make the spirit of Christmas as festive as it should be. up with a little festive flair and make them more fun by turning the event into an annual tradition!


Christmas in July Decorating Ideas

Set Table Decorations

You'll be ready for your Christmas in July in Australia in no time with festive Christmas decorations and table decorations. Add some candles, ornaments and greenery to create an eye-catching feast that will have everyone coming back next year.

At Merry & Bright, you can find a variety of Christmas decorations that can be perfect for your table. We have gingerbread houses and sitting decorations, nutcracker head cookie jar and more!


Trim Your Backyard Trees 

If you’ve got an evergreen tree or shrub in the yard, great! But really any kind will do.

The best way to decorate a tree is by using ornaments that are handmade and painted in various colours of paint. You can also get our Norwegian pine snow tree, sparkling baubles, clear icycle hanging, clear angel pear skirt, reindeer ornament and other Christmas tree decorations.

Set up a Modernistic Tree

Put up a modernistic tree. This can be done by using a white or silver artificial tree and adding blue and silver decorations. You can also use lights of different colours to add to the overall look of your tree. This will give your home a unique and stylish look that is perfect for Christmas in July decorating ideas.

Don't Forget the Lights! 

Switch up your Christmas decor with some lights and decorations. Put on an incredible light show using garden or indoor plants as backgrounds. You could also find other outdoor Christmas decorations to make it more exciting!

Make Christmas Trinkets

If you want to celebrate the holidays in style in July, consider making Christmas ornaments with your family. It's an easy way for everyone who loves crafting together and will be a fun-filled activity.


Level Up with Some Festive Accessories

If you’re looking for a simple way to dress up for your Christmas in July holiday, consider wearing red and white. Add in some green clothes accessories like Santa hats or patterned socks with strings of lights attached. You can also have some wreaths and garlands.

Celebrate Your Christmas in July with Merry & Bright

If you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate Christmas in July and need to grab some stuff for a full house decoration, look no further than Merry & Bright. We have everything you need for your Christmas in July decorating ideas.

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